250L Bin Trolley

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1150 x 635 x 525 (LxWxH)

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CTWT250Y- 15

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Food Grade Polyethylene

250 Litre Bin Trolley

Our 250-liter bin trolley is a versatile solution for storing and transporting a wide range of items, making it a valuable asset for various industries. Whether it is used for general waste, linen, food, or other materials, the Perpetual Packaging bin trolley offers convenience and efficiency. Designed with different industries in mind, it caters to sectors such as health, aged care, hospitality, accommodation, food processing, agriculture, and warehousing.

Manufactured from high-quality food-grade polyethylene, the trolley ensures hygiene and durability. Its straight-sided tub has a 250-liter capacity, providing ample space for storage. The smooth surface of the tub facilitates easy cleaning, making it a practical choice for handling different types of materials.

Furthermore, our bin trolleys come with customizable options including castors, ergonomic spring lifters, drain holes, lids, and handles. Users can configure the trolley according to their specific needs and requirements. The trolley is also available in a range of vibrant colors, giving it an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Bin Trolley Specs

The dimensions of the trolley are designed to accommodate various spaces and facilitate easy maneuverability.

  • Length of 1150mm (rim) / 1050mm (base)
  • Width of 635mm (rim) / 535mm (base)
  • Height of 525mm (+150mm with dolly and standard 125mm castors), it offers versatility and functionality.

Overall, our polyethylene bin trolleys are favored by customers due to their strength, durability, aesthetic value, and ease of cleaning.