150L Bin Tub

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810 x 570 x 500 (LXWXH)

Product #:

CTWT150G- 15

Weight Capacity



Food Grade Polyethylene

150 Litre Bin Trolley

Our 150-litre bin trolley is an incredibly versatile solution for various applications such as general rubbish disposal, linen storage, food transportation, and many others.

Designed to cater to a wide range of industries, including health, aged care, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, accommodation, food processing, agriculture, and warehousing, Perpetual Packaging bin trolleys are highly sought after. Key features of our tub trolley include being made from food-grade polyethylene, which ensures its suitability for different purposes.

The smooth polyethylene surface not only guarantees rust-free performance but also makes cleaning hassle-free. Additionally, the small size tub allows for easy handling of smaller quantities. It can be supplied as a standalone storage tub or fitted with a galvanized base plate and zinc-plated blue rubber castors for enhanced mobility.

Optional ergonomic spring bases facilitate the effortless transfer of materials, while the powder-coated handle further improves maneuverability. The trolley is available in a range of vibrant colors, which adds to its aesthetics. For better containment, a matching lid is also provided.

Product Specs

The dimensions of our bin trolley are as follows:

  • Length 810mm (rim)/670mm (base),
  • Width 570mm (rim)/430mm (base),
  • Height 500mm (+150mm when configured with dolly, including standard 125mm castors).

The popularity of our polyethylene bin trolleys lies in their strength and durability. People value its ability to withstand demanding environments. Additionally, the availability of bright colors and the ease of cleaning contribute to their appeal.