350L Nestable Bin Trolley

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1020 x 720 x 625 (LxWxH)

Product #:

CTWT350B- 15

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Food Grade Polyethylene

350L Nestable Bin Trolley

Our 350 litre bin nestable trolley offers a versatile solution for a wide range of applications, making it suitable for various industries.

Industrial Use

Whether it’s used for general waste, linen, or food transportation, our tub trolley is designed with compatibility in mind. For the food industry, our food-grade polyethylene tubs with stainless bases and castors ensure safety and hygienic handling. To eliminate any risk of contamination, we also provide stainless steel bases for our tubs. Commercial laundries can benefit from the addition of back-saving rising bases, which make it easy to transfer linen and drain excess water.


We also offer options for company branding and a large color range to suit individual preferences. The tub trolley has a 350 litre capacity and is made from FDA approved food-grade polyethylene, ensuring it meets the necessary standards. It features an easy-to-clean smooth surface and provision for a range of options such as dolly for mobility, coil or hanging spring rising bases, drain bungs for easy drainage, weather-proof lids, and galvanized handles for maneuverability.

The Dimensions of the Bin Trolley

  • Length: 1020mm (rim)/880mm (base)
  • Width: 720mm (rim)/580mm (base)
  • Height: 625mm (+150mm when configured with dolly including standard 125mm castors)

Choose from a range of popular colors to find the perfect fit for your needs.