450L Nestable Bin Trolley

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1320 x 720 x 625 (LxWxH)

Product #:

CTWT450DB- 15

Weight Capacity



Food Grade Polyethylene

450L Nestable Bin Trolley

The Perpetual Packaging nestable bin trolley with a 450 litre capacity and tapered sides is an excellent choice for handling bulky items. Made from food grade polyethylene, it ensures the safety and hygiene of the products it carries. The smooth surface of the trolley makes it easy to clean, maintaining a high level of cleanliness.


  • Length 1320mm(rim)/1180mm(base)
  • Width 720mm(rim)/580mm(base)
  • Height 625mm (plus an additional 150mm when fitted with 125mm castors)


What sets the nestable bin trolley apart is its versatility and provision for a range of options. Whether you require mobility with a dolly or complete suitability for the food industry with a stainless steel base and castors, this trolley has got you covered. It also offers coil or hanging spring rising bases to save your back, drain bungs for easy drainage, weather-proof lids for easier containment, and galvanized handles for ease of maneuvering.

In addition to its functionality, the nestable bin trolley is aesthetically pleasing. Available in a range of bright colors, it adds a touch of vibrancy and style to any environment. It is not surprising that this trolley is in high demand across various industries such as health, aged care, hospitality, accommodation, food processing, and warehousing.

Nestable bin trolley is a reliable and durable solution. Its widespread use in laundries, hospitals, aged care centers, motels, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses is a testament to its quality and functionality. With its attractive appearance and robust construction, the bin trolley is the preferred choice for many customers.