290L Nestable Bin Trolley

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700 x 700 x 900 (LxWxH)

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CTWT290G- 15

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Food Grade Polyethylene

290L Nestable Bin Trolley

Our 290 litre nestable bin trolleys are designed with versatility in mind, making them compatible with every industry. We proudly offer a range of configurations to meet any purpose and application.

For the food industry, we provide food grade polyethylene tubs with stainless steel bases and castors, ensuring there is no risk of contamination. These tubs can be used for various purposes including storing fruits, cereals, meats, seafood, and more.

Bin Trolley Features

Additionally, we offer company branding and a wide selection of colors to suit your specific needs. The features of our 290 litre nestable bin trolleys are as follows:

  • they are manufactured from FDA approved food grade polyethylene, have a capacity of 290 litres, and boast an easy-to-clean smooth surface.
  • Furthermore, we offer various options such as a dolly for mobility, stainless steel base and castors for complete suitability in the food industry, drain bungs for easy drainage, and galvanized handles for ease of maneuvering.

Bin Trolley Specs

If you are interested in the dimensions of our 290 litre tapered bin trolleys, they measure

  • 700mm in length (rim)/540mm at the base
  • 700mm in width (rim)/540mm at the base
  • 900mm in height (+150mm when configured with dolly including standard 125mm castors).

We are confident that our bin trolleys will meet and exceed your expectations no matter the industry you work in.