Shifting to Returnable Packaging in your Supply Chain

Perpetual Packaging will help your company reduce waste, reduce packaging costs, protect your valuable goods and increase the safety of handling. In today’s day and age, it is becoming more and more important to move from a 1 or 2 use packaging solution to a product that will last 1000s of uses.


Are you using wood or corrugated paper to ship your goods? By shifting to a plastic product, you can expect our plastic pallets, totes and crates to withstand the elements and the abuse of transportation. Our bins are made of PP or HDPE plastic which is design to hold up in the extreme heat or freezing temperatures. Our packaging is ergonomically designed to reduce forklift mishaps and deterioration when stored outside. The plastic is hard wearing and designed to handle years of ware and tare. When the bin or crate reaches its end of life it can be recycled and ground down to produce new products in the future.


By choosing a reusable container you will not only reduce waste but save money on your packaging. By extending the amount of uses in your packaging sometimes a 1000-fold a bin that might seem expensive is actually quite affordable. Let’s compare this to a box that is thrown out after just a few uses. For example, a $300 bin that is used 1000+ times will be .30 cent per use a wood or corrugated box can be easily double or triple the cost when broken down per use. Many of our items are collapsible or nestable for easy return when empty, again saving money when shipping. Finally, the cost to dispose high volumes of waste has been completely removed when choosing Perpetua Packaging. The ROI investment is always a win.


We have a variety of products on our website, but the common theme is shipping products from A-B safely without damage. Our containers and crates are available in a variety of designs depending on your needs. From rounded corners, smooth and vented walls, palletized bases that can be stacked safely, all are designed to protect your products when shipping.  If you are shipping veggies to the food processor or valuable parts to the assembly plant, we have a solution for you.


All of our products are designed with safety in mind. By moving to a plastic reusable container, the benefits are not always obvious, however plastics can be sanitized and cleaned safely, and not allow for mold or pest to harbor in our products. Most bins are ergonomically designed with holes or handles allowing for easier lifting. Our products interlock and stack safely on the containers below them, allowing for the bin, pallet or tote to be uniform and straight and secure.

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