Industry Standard Moving Boxes

In the past 10 years the moving industry has been creating extra income in attached lid crate rentals. It was realized that a standard distribution box would be perfect for replacing old cardboard boxes with a uniformed rental box that can be rented to their customers for moving.

Not only is it a cost-effective option for their customers, it is a reusable, environmentally friendly option. Movers are now able to contribute in reducing waste in landfills and taking that one extra step in helping out the environment. 18% to 26% of landfill material is cardboard waste.

The day of collecting cardboard boxes at the grocery store is not needed, Movers can now rent totes and make extra income at the same time.

The Attached Lid Crate is designed to stack and nest with a lid and can hold up to 60 lbs and is durable enough for years of use. The plastic is made of HDPE which is recyclable at the end of use. The attached lid feature is key to the ability in securing its content and its stackability, with the crates nesting securely into the recessed lid. Once done the crates can be easily nested for storage or return shipping.

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